Thursday, October 8, 2009


I started watching Glee when it first came out in May as a sneak preview of Fox's new fall television line up. I have to say that the show is not bad: its new, its creative, and it involves a musical. People are always saying that tv musicals are a big no-no, and I feel personally that Fox was also skeptical about it in the beginning, that's why they did that whole one episode sneak peek thing. However, it has been proven successful now and I finally have something to write about.

On last night's episode, the new nurse (aka Mr. Schuester's wife) gave Pseudoephedrine (aka Sudafed) to members of the Glee club so they can be up and perky all day long. Yes, pseudoephedrine can give out the same effects as speed or adderall. But, she claimed OVER THE COUNTER Sudafed can make you do this.

(yeah, "new formula") VS. the good shit
Well, as far as I know in NY state, that the thing she's talking about is not allowed to be sold over the counter. The Sudafed that you see over the counter doesn't even have the psedoephedrine in it. I personally find it just as a placebo medicine that doesn't even decongest your nose. It really does suck and a big waste of money.

So to get the REAL shit, you have to go to the pharmacy and give your information (aka driver's liscense) just to get one lousy box of the medicine. The reason why they started doing it is because a lot of people started buying Sudafed by the load to make their own trailer park meth lab... Yes, they do share a common ingredients. And I know some of you out there might argue that the show is technically located in "Ohio" therefore the law might make it different. Ok, fine. I did my research and after another 10 minutes of so I found the "Sudafed Law." And its a FEDERAL LAW.

So yes, I am going to be anal about this minor little detail in yesterday's show, because it wasn't possible to buy 36 boxes of Sudafed without being arrested for just REQUESTING it. Redonkulous and a mild smear campaign against Sudafed.

Here's a clip from this week's show, a mash-up between Bon Jovi's "Its My Life" vs. Usher's "Confessions."

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